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To read PDF documents, you will need Adobe Reader software. All forms are available in PDF format and some are also available in a fillable PDF format. Fillable PDFs allow you to complete certain sections of a form online and save the filled content to your computer. We do not offer electronic form submission at this time. You may either mail or fax the forms into your nearest service center.

Trefoil Frequently Used Documents and Policies & Procedures

All members must read and follow our Council Volunteer Policies and Procedures, the Blue Book of Basic Documents, Safety Activity Checkpoints and Volunteer Essentials. In addition, all federal, state and local laws must be followed. In some cases, policies are more strict than the law. If you have questions unanswered by our FAQ below, please contact us.

volunteer essentials girl scoutssafety activity checkpoints girl scouts oregon and southwest washington Blue Book of Basic Documents Girl Scouts 

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Trefoil Publications & Tools

Trefoil Forms

How to find the form you need
Click on a column title below to sort the table by category, form name or form number. Can't find the form you need? Call us at 503-977-6800 for assistance.

 Category    Form Name No. When Needed Notes 

Girl Member Registration

Membresía para Niñas


Register a girl member

Membership year is October 1 – September 30. Financial assistance is available (form below). 


Adult Membership Registration

Membresía para Adultos

N/A Register an adult member

Membership year is October 1 – September 30. Financial assistance is available (form below).


Membership Dues Summary

Resumen del registro de membresías



Turn in troop/group membership dues



Change of Member Information


Update membership information (i.e. e-mail, address, etc.)

Can also make changes in Personify.


Troop/Group Attendance Record   


Optional form


Registration; event group

Program Event Registration: Group

201 Register for council sponsored program events (group) Can also register online through Personify.
Registration; event individualProgram Event Registration: Individual202Register for council sponsored program events (individual)
Can also register online through Personify.

Adult Training Record Update


Update adult training



Troop/Group Dues Record

125 Optional form  

Troop Financial Report 

102 Due June 30 every year to service unit treasurer Submit with form #107 & most recent bank statement. Service units use form #208.

Detailed Bank Account Activity Record


Use year-round to track troop/group financials

Required to be kept with the troop records and must be available upon request for review.

FinanceDetailed Bank Account Activity with Financial Report Use year-round to track troop/group financials 

Required to be kept with the troop records and must be available on request for review. Has formulas to automatically fill Form 102, Troop Financial Report, which is included 

Finance Approval to open new checking and/or savings account(s) N/A Open new checking and/or savings account(s) Not available online; contact the service unit treasurer to receive along with the GSOSW IRS 501(c)(3) letter. Accounts must be opened using the GSOSW tax id number.

Approval to change signatures

N/A Change signatures on a bank account Not available online; contact the service unit treasurer.

Troop-Group Sponsorship

112 To formalize sponsorship arrangements  

Application for Additional Money-Earning Activity (also available in fillable PDF)


Get approval for money-earning projects

Submit a min. of 6 wks before the activity to service unit event/travel coordinator.

Financial Facts 101
N/A Explains Money-Earning vs. Adult Fundraising
Financial assistance

Financial Assistance Request - Membership Dues/Uniforms/Books

116b Request for annual membership dues, books or uniform

Based on the financial need of the family and are limited to available funds.

Financial assistance

Financial Assistance Request - Travel



Request for travel opportunities

Based on the financial need of the family and are limited to available funds. Not available for destinations or troop trips.


Troop Disband

133a-b Disband troop

Submit to service unit treasurer.


Girl Scout store order form

N/A Optional form To have merchandise shipped to your home. Can also shop online.

Donation & Pledge Form

601 To donate to GSOSW  

Donation Receipt 

602 For in-kind donations valued at $250 or less and cash donation
of $100 or less.
DonationFamily Partnership Donation & Pledge Form603For donations made to GSOSW Family Partnership 

Donation Authorization

606 Solicit cash and/or any in-kind donation Cash donations exceeding $250 must be processed by GSOSW.
Permission Individual Permission Form
Permiso de los Padres
117 Participate in activity that is three nights or less -or- is a high risk activity High risk activities are outlined in Safety Activity Checkpoints.

Annual Permission & Health History

Formulario de Permiso Anual e Historial de Salud

120 Participate in activities that are three nights or less Must use form #117 for high risk activities and if parent/guardian wants to approve each activity individually.
Health & Safety

Health History

204 Participate in troop activities  

See Safety Activity Checkpoints for additional details. 

Health & Safety

Girl Health Examination Record

N/A Completed by parent/guardian and physician  
Health & Safety Adult Health Examination Record N/A Completed by you and physician

Extended Travel Permission

118 Participate in activity that is more than three nights Must use form #117 for high risk activities.
Travel Patrol Application


Please see trip listings page for deadlines.

Applications may be submitted on paper, however digital scans are preferred.


Notice of Intent for Troop Travel (NOI)


Participate in activity outside of regular meeting place,date and/or time that includes an overnight but not more than three nights. Not required for day trips.

Submit to service unit event/travel coordinator at least 3 weeks prior to activity.


Extended Trip Application

121a Travel with girls for more than three nights

Submit this form at least 6 months in advance to closest service center.


Extended Trip Departure


Travel with girls for more than three nights

Submit this form at least 1 month in advance to the closest service center. This information will be used in the event of an emergency.


Program Site Agreement 

806a To request a reservation at a GSOSW property for Girl Scout activities/events

Completion of this form does not guarantee a reservation.

If you would like to reserve a property for non-Girl Scout purposes, contact Alison at (800) 338-5248 x 6834. 

Health & Safety

Emergency Procedures Card

123 Carry with you at all times  

Accident/Injury Report

808b Report accident or injury

Submit no later than 2 weeks after the incident.


Insurance Claim Form


Submit an insurance claim to GSOSW

Activity Accident Insurance Brochure:
English; Seguro contra accidentes en actividades


Conflict Report


Report a conflict

See Council Volunteer Policies and Procedures for additional details.

Golden Trefoil Application

134 Application is due by June 30 to service unit manager  
Service Unit Adult Recognition Nomination
Nominations are due March 1
Click here for the fillable PDF version

National Adult Recognitions Nomination Form

502 Nominations for service with council or national impact


Recognition Adult Recognition Order Form 505 Submit to Portland Service Center to request supplies for the following recognitions: Years of Girl Scout Service, Years of Girl Scout Membership, Outstanding Community Supporter, Outdoor Enthusiast

RecognitionOutstanding Community Partner Nomination 506Recognizes continued outstanding support of Girl Scouts for more than 
three years.
RecognitionVolunteer of Excellence Nomination 507Recognizes those volunteers who have contributed outstanding service while 
partnering directly with girls in any pathway.
Service Team

SU Financial Report (also available in fillable PDF)

208 Due July 30 every year to the membership manager  
Service Team

Report of Interview

Assist in placement of adult volunteers. 
Service Team

Recruitment Interest List

Lista de los Interesados

308 Keep track of girls and adults interested in joining Girl Scouts  
Service Team
Service Team Interest Form
Fill out this form if you are interested in a service team position or want to learn more about service team opportunities in your area.
When completed, please email this form to
Service Team

Award Certificates for Service Unit Use

N/A Use to recognize volunteers  
Service Team

Volunteer Self Assessment (also available in fillable PDF)

310 Tool for volunteer reviews  
Service Team

Governance Proposal Referral

N/A Submit a proposal to the board  
Camp, Day

Camper Packet
Available here »

870 & 872
To register for day camp
Includes registration form #870 & health form #872
Camp, Day

Camper Packet with Release
Available here »

870, 872 & 856
To register for day camp
Includes form #870, health form #872 & camper release form #856 required by some camp
Camp, Day

Camper Release
Available here »

Required by some camp
Camp, Day

Day Camp Registration form; Spanish
Available here »

Required to register a camper for day camp
Camp, Day

Day Camp Health History & OTC Medications; Spanish
Available here »

872 Required as part of day camp registration  
Camp, Day

Campership Application (not available at this time)

Only some day camps offer assistance. Contact the day camp for more information.
Camp, Day

Day Camp Medication Permission Form
Available here »

Camp, Day

Program Aide Application/Packet
Available here »

Required to be a Program Aide
Camp, Day

Program Aide Reference
Available here »

Check with your day camp to see if this is required
Camp, Day

Adult Packet
Available here »

871 & 872
Required to register as an adult volunteer
Packet includes both forms
Camp, Day

Day Camp Volunteer Application
Available here »

Required to register as an adult volunteer
Camp, Day

Day Camp Volunteer Acknowledgement
Available here »

Check with your day camp to see if this is required
Camp, Resident
Holly Hammann Award Nomination 160
Nominate an outstanding Girl Scout to receive a free session at resident camp.  
Camp, Resident

Confidential Reference Form

Please complete this form and send it directly to the Eugene Service Center of Girl Scouts of Oregon & Southwest Washington. Contact information can be found on page two.  
Camp, Resident
Resident Camp Staff Application 946a
Copies of certifications will need to be provided to Girl Scouts of Oregon & Southwest Washington prior to starting employment  

Photo/Artwork Release

002 When permission to photograph, quote or film a member is needed; when original artwork is being submitted  
Product sale

Goal Achiever & Cookie Program Evaluation

N/A When earning the Goal Achiever patch and/or at the conclusion of the cookie program
Product sale

Notice of Outstanding Balance

Product sale

Extended Troop Travel Request for Cookie Credit Funds

Product sale

Gift of Caring Receipt - Blank; Oregon Food Bank

Product Sale

Cookie & Nut Credit Uses

N/A Details on how to use Cookie & Nut Credits  
Service Team

Volunteer Agreement

209 This form is used as part of the volunteer application process. This agreement outlines the mutual responsibilities of Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington and its volunteers.
Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB) GSBB Volunteer Profile
260  Form for adults to apply for GSBB volunteer positions 
Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB) GSBB Participant Profile 261    
Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB) GSBB Inquiry Request 262  To be filled out when there is a question from a program participant or a program partner to the GSBB staff  
Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB) GSBB Family Profile 263  This form is to be completed by the guardian of the girl.  
Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB)LEDS form   
Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB)
Oregon Department of Corrections Media Release    
TrainingCouncil Trainer Application231Interested in helping new volunteers learn about Girl Scouts? Apply to join the Council Trainer Team.



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