Long-Range Property Plan

The board of directors of Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington approved the Long Range Property Plan - a long range plan for management of GSOSW's outdoor program properties - on November 10, 2012.


The next stage of the plan will include evaluating and improving our properties and making program plans based on what girls want and need. This will ensure that girls from all areas have access to meaningful outdoor program experiences - whether at a GSOSW-owned proprty or elsewhere. To stay up-to-date on the process, please check this page often or sign up to receive GSOSW eNews for periodic updates. Look for opportunities to give additional feedback, coming soon!


Trefoil Property Reservations

As the Long Range Property Plan is implemented, the reservations status of many properties will be in flux. Below, please find the current reservation of properties scheduled to be retired as program properties and those currently under additional evaluation.

If you have additional questions about property reservations, please visit our Properties page.

Property   Reservation Status 
Camp Low Echo     Currently closed to new reservations 
Wallace Creek Outdoor Program Center   Limited reservations may be available upon request 
Tomlin Outdoor Program Center   Accepting reservations through June 30, 2013 
Elkhorn Outdoor Program Center   Currently closed to new reservations 
The Dalles Program Center    Currently closed to new reservations
Lebanon Program Center   Open for reservations 


Trefoil Questions

Have additional questions not addressed here? Email us at lrpp@girlscoutsosw.org.

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