In Girl Scouting, travel is about fun, exploration and progressive learning experiences to appreciate the outdoors, new places and other cultures. No matter what previous Girl Scouting involvement or experiences you have, there is a GSOSW travel opportunity for you! Come explore the world, develop leadership skills and learn about other places and cultures with Girl Scouts!

Travel Volunteers

Council sponsored travel in our council exists because of dedicated volunteers who are committed to travel for girls. There are a few options for adult volunteers wishing to get involved with Girl Scout travel. 

Travel Chaperone: Each council sponsored trip or patrol requires at least two adult chaperones to plan and work with the selected girls prior to the trip and then guide them during the trip itself.  Please contact Jennifer Akins ( to receive an application. 

Travel Volunteer Team:  The Travel Volunteer Team which is made up of volunteers in all different areas of the council who have a special interest in GSOSW travel.  They have experience in traveling with girls and work with council staff to create council sponsored travel opportunities like patrols and trips.  They also help to select adult chaperones and girls for those patrols and trips along with awarding travel grants and financial assistance.  This group meets once a month over the phone and a few times a year in person.  If you are interested in joining the Travel Volunteer Team please contact Jennifer Akins (

Have questions about travel?
Contact Jennifer Akins at or toll free at (800) 433-9288 x 6405.

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Trefoil GSOSW-sponsored Trips

Council-sponsored trips
These trips are open to all Girl Scout Cadettes–Ambassadors. Girls will travel in groups but not necessarily with their own troop members. Girls may travel in Oregon, the United States or internationally and travel costs vary accordingly. There is no application process for these trips. See trip listings for registration instructions. There is some financial assistance for these trips.  

Travel Patrols
Travel patrols are open to Girl Scout Seniors–Ambassadors. They are designed to function like a troop from planning stages through the trip itself. Girls apply to travel patrols and once they are accepted, will meet and start getting to know their patrol. Girls gain important life skills and experience while learning how to plan and travel together as a group. There is some financial assistance for these trips.


This travel program is sponsored by Girl Scouts USA and gives girls the opportunity to participate in amazing trips all over the world and throughout the U.S. Girls will make friends, develop leadership skills, gain confidence and enjoy valuable learning opportunities. These opportunities are available to Girl Scout Cadettes – Ambassadors. Age requirements vary for each trip, check trip listings before applying. There is some financial assistance for these trips. 

  1. Pick a trip!
  2. Print and complete the application. Drop it off at your local service center or email it to Jennifer Akins by 5:00 p.m. on the first Sunday of November.

  3. Register to attend a travel discovery weekend to fine tune your application and prepare for travel! This workshop is designed for girls who are thinking about or planning to go on a destination, council-sponsored trip or travel patrol. This is not a required workshop. 

These short trips are hosted by program partners all over the U.S. There is no application process for these trips, just contact the Getaway host listed on the Girl Scouts USA travel website to sign up. Getaways are typically geared toward Girl Scout troops/groups and are great as a full trip or as part of a trip you are already planning!

You must also notify GSOSW that you are traveling on a Getaway and be sure to complete all of the required extended travel paperwork.


Girl Scout Daisy–Ambassadors troops/groups can take day trips. Overnight trips are open to Brownies – Ambassadors. When planning troop/group travel, be sure to check what required trainings and information you need for Girl Scout troop/group travel.

  1. Before traveling with girls, the adult in charge must have completed all required trainings.
  2. For any type of travel away from a regular meeting place, date and/or time that includes an overnight (but not more than three nights), you will need to complete a Notice of Intent to Travel (NOI) form.
  3. Trips lasting longer than three nights are called extended travel and require additional planning and paperwork. Information on extended travel is currently being updated. Contact Jennifer Akins with questions.
  4. Many trips will require additional insurance. Information on additional insurance is currently being updated. Call the main phone of the Portland Service Center at (800) 338-5248 with questions.

Trefoil Girl Scout Property Rental

Girl Scout Daisy – Ambassadors troops/groups can rent Girl Scouts OSW properties for the day. Overnight rentals are open to Brownies – Ambassadors troops/groups. Girl Scout troop/groups can rent Girl Scout properties locally, all over the US and the world!

  •  How to rent a Girl Scout property - this information is currently being updated. Please contact the site registrar at 503-977-6834 or follow the link below to learn more. 
  •  GSOSW Properties »


Trefoil Travel by Grade Level

In Girl Scouting, travel is about fun, exploration, and progressive experiences in appreciating the outdoors, new places and other cultures. As girls increase their confidence and skills, they can carry out activities that require more planning, take place farther away from home and utilize special skills.

For more information about troop/group travel and travel by grade level, refer to Volunteer Essentials

 travel graph

Girl Scout Daisies
Help Daisies get ready for travel by offering suggestions, encouragement and direction. Since planning is new for girls at this age, offering choices between options is a great way to involve them in planning short trips.

Try taking short trips to points of interest in the neighborhood. A walk to the nearby garden or a short ride by car or public transportation to the firehouse or courthouse is a great first step for Daisies.

Get your girls thinking and dreaming about all the amazing travel they could do when they are old enough by inviting an older girl to speak to your troop/group. To schedule a talk, contact Jennifer Akins.

Girl Scout Brownies
Help Brownies get ready for travel by allowing space for girls to brainstorm, make their own plans and make mistakes (safely). Encourage each girl to share her opinions and ideas, direct activities and share responsibility.

Overnight trips are an important first step towards getting ready for bigger trips later on. One (or possibly two) nights away to a state or national park, historic city, or nearby city for sightseeing, staying in a hotel, motel, or campground is a great way to start. These short trips are just long enough to whet their appetites, but not so long as to generate homesickness.

Get your girls thinking and dreaming about all the amazing travel they could do when they are old enough by inviting an older girl to speak to your troop/group. To schedule a talk, contact Jennifer Akins.

Girl Scout Juniors
Get ready for travel by starting small and gradually taking on more of the responsibility for travel. You’ll be amazed at how much you can handle! Girl Scouts is a safe place to try out new skills and sometimes make mistakes – that’s how we learn!

Girl-planned extended trips of three or four nights in a hotel, motel, or hostel within the girls’ home region are an excellent place to start.  Girls should plan the activities they are interested in for these trips.

Get your girls thinking and dreaming about all the amazing travel they could do when they are old enough by inviting an older girl to speak to your troop/group. To schedule a talk, contact Jennifer Akins.

Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors
Now is your chance to explore new places and cultures, sample food and languages, and be the person you aspire to be. Make your way around the globe one trip at a time with Girl Scout travel.

As a Girl Scout Cadette- Ambassador, you can sign up for or apply for national trips (trips in the U.S.) and international trips (trip to other countries). It’s best to start with a national trip and work your way up to an international trip. Take a look at the GSOSW-sponsored trips and GSUSA destinations and getaways to find the right travel opportunity for you. There are many resources and workshops to help you get ready for that trip you’ve been dreaming about!

Inspire younger girls to start thinking and dreaming about all the amazing travel they could do when they are old enough by talking to their troop/group about your experiences. To schedule a talk, contact Jennifer Akins.


Trefoil Travel Partners & Hostelling Programs

Our travel partners have excellent resources, programs and opportunities for Girl Scout Junior – Ambassador troops/groups. Be sure to check with travel partners to find out what current travel opportunities they offer for your troop/group’s grade level.

This is a great way for Girl Scout troops/groups who want to travel but need a little extra help to get started traveling!

Educational Travel Services
For domestic trips. To get help planning your trip, contact a student tour specialist at 503-653-3988.

EF Tours for Girl Scouts
For domestic and international trips to a variety of locations including WAGGGS World Centers.  To get help planning your trip, contact Marisa Woods at or 800-457-9023 x3532.

Hostelling International Oregon Council
Hostelling offers a unique kind of travel that opens doors to self-discovery, intercultural exchange and new people and places. For questions or to schedule a workshop for your troop or group, contact their education program coordinator at: or call 503-239-0030 x201.

Hostelling International USA’s mission is “to help all, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of the world and its people through hostelling.” Hostelling offers a special kind of travel that opens doors to self-discovery, intercultural exchange and new people and places. Hostels are safe, clean, inexpensive accommodations that provide a base for exploring and learning. Equipped with dormitory-style rooms, common rooms and kitchens, hostels provide Girl Scouts a place for making friends and discovering new ways of thinking. Learn more and find out about the patch program for Girl Scouts by visiting Local programs available to girls and volunteers:


Raising money for travel can be challenging and sometimes even a bit daunting! It takes careful planning and skill to raise enough money for girls to travel. Whether through financial aid, money-earning activities or product sales, there are several ways for Girl Scouts to get help with travel!

Travel Volunteers are always needed! Find out how you can help »

Financial assistance & council-sponsored money-earning opportunities

Because GSOSW wants all girls to have an equal opportunity to participate in travel opportunities, the Travel Team has worked tirelessly to develop financial assistance and money-earning opportunities to help girls travel regardless of their previous Girl Scouting involvement, travel experience or access to resources.

In order to be eligible for GSOSW financial assistance and council-sponsored money-earning opportunities, girls must:

  • Be a GS Cadette or older
  • Have participated (or made plans to participate) in a travel workshop


  • Have been accepted to a council sponsored trip, travel patrol or destination


  • Have been approved for extended troop/group travel

For more information about council-sponsored money-earning activities, contact Jennifer Akins.


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